The box could not withstand the onslaught of the PR and was damaged during transportation. But coped with the content protection functions, so everything is intact.
It is possible to hold in an adult hand, but not very comfortable. A box with a large transparent window.
The caterpillars are rubber, bend well, with a good grip. Inside LED lighting. The soldering is good. Of the conveniences, it would be more convenient to put on charge by connecting the plug directly to the toy, and not opening the case behind which the battery is located. Allows movement when flipped. Charging time: about 2 hours When you press the stick, the LED indicator lights up
The charger can be connected to any charger with a USB output.
Fuel tanks from the stern of the tank also have wheels to save when overturned.
On the back side of the MX1515 motor control chip
Output 6v 250mA
And from the top, a convenient carrying handle Range
control up to 30 m We climb inside. The battery was checked for capacity, honest.
Sticks move only forward or backward Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Model: 666-888
On the inside of the caterpillar there are grippers, with the help of which the caterpillar does not slip when moving.
Inside, in an additional box, a tank, a control panel and a battery and an improvised memory are laid.
From the bottom of the box, warnings and basic controls Climbing up small hills.
From the back of the box, the main features of the toy Powered by 2 "little" batteries.
More clearly on the GIF
An example of video control and light and music design Battery: 6 V 700 mAh Ni -CD battery (included)

Tracked machine Yundi 666-888

RX-2B chip, remote control receiver Of the finishing touches, it will be necessary to make a little quieter the speaker for reproducing the wild sounds of the massacre. Perfect for a child.
The tank body from the bottom with a compartment for installing the battery. Manufacturer: Yundi Acceptance tests were successful, thanks to the rubber tracks it holds well on smooth ceramic tiles, linoleum and laminate. The tank itself, or a chariot on tracks, looks very futuristic. Nothing more than natural.
The main board is hidden in the case. Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 10 cm To do this, unscrew 6 screws. Miracle Yudo tank on caterpillar tracks, with 360-degree rotation, light and sound indication. < /p>
Like any tank, there is a barrel, not big, but still there. The top cover, you can immediately mute the speaker a little, or put a switch on it, or cut it off completely, as it plays very loudly. The charge is enough for 15 minutes to drive to the best of your ability, or 25 minutes to move in pensioner mode. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. All this is fixed on the other side with special ties.
There are 4 moving plastic rollers on each side. It’s probably interesting what kind of infernal force drives this technique.
About the battery separately, this is an assembly of 4 Ni-CD batteries, in total it turns out 6V 700 mAh. Playing time: about 15-20 minutes Leaders, one on each side.
Control panel with 2 sticks and long flexible antenna.
He can also do that, Hobana. 2 wheels are movable relative to the body. Read more about scientific developments in tank building below in the review. Maximum speed: 6 km / h Just below the wheel for movement.