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Don’t settle for failed promises and faulty locks Lock Patrol is a business that stands by their word and their work. What are you waiting for?! Call Lock Patrol at (425) 454-1299 or email us on our contact page today to take care all of your locksmith needs. Don’t get locked out of our Facebook page.  Like us today!

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Locksmith Everett, WA
Locksmith Everett
Everett Locksmith

Lock Patrol: The Premiere Everett Locksmith

Are you in search of a quality locksmith in the Everett area? Look no further, Lock Patrol is without a doubt is the best Everett locksmith service around. Here at Lock Patrol we understand that nothing is more important than availability and expertise when it comes to dealing with your locks, this is why each one of our AAA approved locksmiths are available for every lock related emergency 24 hours each day!  We offer a wide variety of services that include everything from auto locks to locks at the workplace or home.  We understand that citizens of Everett like to spend their time watching a silvertips game or down by the water rather than be stuck dealing with lock problems. That is why we aim to service all of Everett’s lock needs both quickly and efficiently!

On top of our high quality locksmith service, what truly sets Lock Patrol apart from other Everett locksmiths is the fact that we genuinely care about each and every one of the customers that we do business with, and this can be seen through all of our glowing customer testimonials.  We have seen all of the up and downs that Everett has experienced throughout its rich history and if we have learned anything throughout that time, it is that the only thing that makes our customers happier than our great locksmith service, is our great customer service.  In every interaction with our clients we aim to create a relationships that will last even after the job is done. Let Lock Patrol be your first call for all of your Everett locksmith needs.

Reasons to choose Lock Patrol as your
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An Everett Business

When you pick up the phone and call Lock Patrol you can be sure that that the person on the other end of the phone is a member of the Everett community just like you. When you support our business you are strengthening the Everett community that we all are part of while also improving a business from your hometown! From the Silvertips to the Aquasox we care about the same community teams and values that you do. Don’t wait any longer pick up the phone and call Lock Patrol today!

24/7 Locksmith

At Lock Patrol we understand that lock problems can occur at any time of the day. That is why we are dedicated to being available to come to the rescue whenever duty calls. Here at Lock Patrol we have all been there and have experienced the frustration that can come with faulty locks or being locked out of your car, house, or workplace. Each member of our staff is expertly trained to help you get your lock problems solved quickly. We go above and beyond with our services and will come running as soon as we receive your call. You can be at the Everett Mall doing some shopping or at Jetty Island soaking up the sun, when you encounter a lock problem but no need to worry because we will be there in minutes. This is because we owe it to our customers and ourselves to achieve the highest level of service at all times. We believe that everyone deserves help in their time of need. That is why we at Lock Patrol are ready 24/7, to provide help to everyone that needs an extra hand.

AAA Certified Locksmiths

Every single one of our talented locksmiths are trained and certified in the locksmith trade by the renowned auto service leader AAA. Our staff is prepared to tackle any problem that auto owners may encounter with the locks on their cars. From being locked out of your car to installing new auto keypads, our employees have put in countless hours training to make sure your auto lock problems are always solved promptly. Call Lock Patrol today for quality locksmith that is backed by AAA.

A Trustworthy Business

When dealing with your locks be sure that you are receiving a service that is reliable and fairly priced.  At Lock Patrol we understand that locks are more than just accessories, they are the things that are keeping you and your family safe from the unwanted dangers of the world. That is why we take it so seriously and always do our best to get the highest quality work done in the shortest amount of time.  We understand that citizens of Everett word hard for the money that they earn and don’t want to throw it false promises. Other locksmith services will charge you for things that you don’t need, but we at Lock Patrol pride ourselves in being a trustworthy business and will never charge you for anything that didn’t go towards servicing your locks. Come see how a better business operates at Lock Patrol.

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