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Don’t settle for failed promises and faulty locks Lock Patrol is a business that stands by their word and their work. What are you waiting for?! Call Lock Patrol at (425) 454-1299 or email us on our contact page today to take care all of your locksmith needs.  Call or LIKE us today!
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Lock Patrol: Your Bothell Locksmith

Are you in search of a locksmith in Bothell? With over two decades worth of experience, Lock Patrol understands that there is nothing worse than having lock trouble when you are in a time crunch. These problems can happen at any time of the day and we’ve got the expertise and speed to get you back to your daily life. Each of our technicians are AAA trained locksmiths and are available for every lock related problem 24 hours a day!  We have many different services that we include and some of them may surprise you. Everything from creating a new key on the spot, to opening a house door. We know that citizens of Bothell like to spend their time taking a stroll through Bothell Landing or eating at the newest restaurants downtown rather than be stuck dealing with lock problems. We guarantee that we are your most efficient and reliable locksmith in Bothell!

What really sets Lock Patrol apart from other Bothell locksmiths is that we really care about our relationships with those we do business with. You can feel our genuine care in helping our community. We have seen Bothell grow from a small town outside of the big cities into an area that is full of great businesses and even better people. In all the years we have been in the locksmith industry, we have learned that besides our great expertise, it is our interactions with our community members that make a difference. We aim to create lasting relationships even after the job is done. Call Lock Patrol for your Bothell locksmith needs. 

Top reasons you should use Lock Patrol as your
local Bothell locksmith company:

Local Bothell Business

Lock Patrol has Bothell pride. We live in this community just like you. When you use our business for your locksmith needs, you are also helping to make the Bothell community stronger by improving our business. Our love for this city guarantees we can find you within minutes to quickly assist in your emergency. Give your Bothell locksmith a call now. 

Variety of Services

At Lock Patrol we offer a wide variety of locksmith services to our Bothell community. We offer everything from lockout services to jump starting your car. We can help get you out of any bind whether that be your work place, car, or home. Our auto services offer a wide range of assistance and most of the locksmith problems can be fixed in a short period of time. We enjoy aiding in creating a safer environment for our Bothell residents by using our locksmith services to keep out unwanted company. We are happy to help upgrade your security today and be your Bothell locksmith. 

Service 24/7

In the middle of the night or right during rush hour traffic, your Bothell locksmith is available no matter the time of day.  We pride ourselves in our availability to get to our customers in a quick fashion. Lock Patrol understands the great frustration that comes with lock problems especially at inconvenient hours. We want to ease the stress of the situation quickly visit organiccbdnugs. Our staff is thoroughly trained to assist any lock problem. We come to you as soon as we get your phone call. We value or customers and want to keep our devoted legacy alive. We are happy to serve our Bothell community members in their time of need. We are always here to help 24 hours a day!

Customer Service

At Lock Patrol we believe that the best kind of customer is a repeat customer. Our goal each day is to be industry leaders when it comes to our customer service. We are in the business of dealing with frustrating situations but we make sure to go the extra mile while interacting with our customers. Our end goal is to leave you with a smile on your face. Our customer service shows in our reviews from past customers. We aim to turn a frustrating situation into relief and satisfaction. 

AAA trained Locksmith

We are pleased to report that each of our employees are certified by the renowned auto service leader AAA. Our staff has the knowledge in any problem that auto owners may have with the locks on their cars. From having a trunk lockout to creating a new key or transponder on site, we can assist you. Our staff has countless hours of training to make sure your car lock problems are always solved promptly. Call Lock Patrol for a quality locksmith in Bothell that is backed by AAA.

Business with Integrity

After working in the locksmith business for over 20 years, we make sure our integrity is never compromised. Customers should always be fairly priced. We understand at Lock Patrol that locks are the things that are keeping you and your family safe. We take our work seriously and always do our best to get the highest quality work done in the shortest amount of time. We value your trust and will never make you pay for unnecessary things that don’t involve servicing your locks. We promise to never lead you astray when it comes to finding the right solutions to your problems. Contact us to see how a locksmith should really operate, at Lock Patrol in Bothell.

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