Diamond musat rules and sharpens more efficiently But, as it turned out, there are nuances.
CONCLUSION #2. All this happens at the micro level. He needs to quickly use the musat on the knife with the knife on the knife or use this mini-sharpener.
Evidence? We have them. The quality of the print (the test is clear, perfectly readable), the design and the actual adhesion of the blister, the density of the plastic, perhaps even head and shoulders ahead of Tramontina. In the comment to my review there is a link to this amazing effect with scientific justification (I want to thank the respected bazker for the link). Because time is precious, you need to have time to watch a series, a football game or go to the theater. Previously, I waited for them to become dull and then began to put the edge in order. But it is easily washed off with warm water, after which the diamond becomes virgin pure. The shape of the working part is oval. The build quality and ergonomics are excellent. Kind of like "ringing silence", "sincere liar", "original copy" and so on. I don’t notice this with Taidea T0825 diamond musat. The manufacturer in the upper right corner writes – "Sharpening rod for household knives." Feel the difference? Not musat, but a grinding rod. The first difference between "diamond musat" and standard, ribbed metal counterparts is in tactile sensations and speed of editing. Only the combination of the words "diamond" and "musat" sounds suspicious. The layman will not understand and will not appreciate it. Usually they buy either a musat or a sharpener, but few people have heard about a mutant, a hybrid and a station wagon with a diamond coating. The diamond coating is perfect, applied evenly. In this case, the pressing force can be adjusted. On the reverse side of the package printed instructions for "beginners" with explanatory pictures – how to hold a knife and musat in the "sharpening process". The guard is also good, it has a thin plate on top
from stainless steel with a decorative covering "satin". CONCLUSION #1. Musat not only rules, but also sharpens Let’s return to musat. Moreover, the Tramontina Plenus musat from my review has already begun to “go bald” in the middle of the working area after a month. Diamond bars or stone bars are used in manual machines such as Apex or Ruixin Pro RX-008. Combining diamond with musat is, in my opinion, an oxymoron. And he is the most important.
Checking the work of diamond musat was carried out on kitchen knives. Yes, the diamond “pulls” the metal much more strongly and smoothes the edge more effectively. And when the Taidea T0825 Chinese diamond stone caught my eye, I ordered it and at a price it cost me the equivalent of $16.86.
Advanced level 80 grinders and meditative gurus sharpen knives exclusively by hand without machines (but https://jiji.co.tz/12-wheels-and-rims/red this is inaccurate), grind them on water stones and then shave their hair – often their own, but we won’t specify in which places. In addition, “smart stupidity” (this is how the word oxymoron is translated) has become an integral part of bloggers, politicians, couch experts and even part of society … We apply a little washing gel on the diamond surface and on the edge of the knife, after which we begin the process. However, I digress and I was carried to the wrong steppe. And the warranty is three years. The article may hurt and turn your world upside down is very useful, richly stuffed with photographs taken under an electron microscope, and if you have difficulty with English like I do, turn on the google translator. Why is he good? If you are interested, please click on the "Read More" button. Now let’s turn to sharpeners. Therefore, we immediately take the bull by the horns to dot the “and”. There are quite a lot of legion of them, they differ in design, capabilities, quality and price. Diamond musat is more durable

After unpacking, we take the tool in hand. Therefore, as a lover of pizza, chicken legs, loaves, cabbage musat is a pretty good and right choice. The translation from Chinese into Russian is "beautiful" in places – words merge, inaccuracies occur. Much better than Tramontina

To do this, consider the "diamond musat" under the Taidea brand from China. I noticed from my own experience that for editing it is necessary to perform approximately 5-10 light movements per edge, for sharpening – 20-40, depending on the “dullness” of the knife. It is known that musat corrects a knife, and a sharpener sharpens. And, thus, it performs the function of a sharpener.

Diamond musat Taidea TG0825. The length of the diamond zone is 25 cm, the length of the handle is 12 cm. Diamond musat Taidea T0825 is a worthy purchase. Let’s summarize. The description is given in four languages ​​- in the language of the Great Pilot, the inhabitants of Foggy Albion, the poet and philosopher Johann Goethe, and in "the great and mighty". We will deal with them with a minimum of brain effort. What is worth only the phrase "Ergonomic handle is beautiful and practical." But the rest is absolutely nothing to complain about. Science does not stand still and the classical postulate is now destroyed – it turned out that musat not only straightens the cutting edge, but also pulls out / gnaws out metal. It was not in vain that I took the phrase "diamond musat" in quotation marks. The result is in the photo – and here it is noticeable that a dark trace from the metal remains on the diamond coating. The length and volume of the handle is just right for a man’s hand, it fits like a glove. But, if you think about it, the phrase "original copy" today is more common not in literature, but in the cellars of the Middle Kingdom. CONCLUSION #3. As a rule, the latter "live" from 1 to 5 years. And much more profitable than classic musats. By carefully studying the text on the accompanying documentation tab, little by little everything becomes clear.
The second moment. We will not focus specifically on some machines and models. The feeling is like holding a solid sword-treasurer in your hands.
But, since I have already used the phrase “diamond musat” in the title, then in the future we will use it. The product is packed in a blister.