Therefore, the real version is the usual 3.5. Moreover, when you press the gas pedal, black smoke began to pour out of the muffler, it was worth releasing the pedal and
slow down the motor and then press again, as a cloud of blue smoke escaped. Upon arrival immediately climbed under the hood. In my entire life I have been in 7 accidents, 6 of them in the back, two of them are Kamaz, the rest are Lada, and one accident, my mistake of youth !! I entered a blind turn for 90 km in winter and there IZH Heel was on an emergency gang, managed to drop to 55 and hit it with the right side, the spar did not hurt but the mudguard pulled ((And of course I changed the hood, fenders, front panel.. well, in principle, that’s all. The steering wheel was almost knocked out of my hands. I naturally did not find normal Volga there. Very roomy car, despite the fact that the backrest does not recline. Although my delight and pride in ownership will hardly surprise a real connoisseur of the BMW brand, but still, how many people have so many opinions) The car is 26 years old, so sit down comfortably) This car was imported from Germany back in in the early 90s and was bought by my father, who dreamed of a BMW while driving a Zaporozhets, later changed to a pig) Well, and then, during a short-term ownership of a VAZ "kopeck piece" car, there was such a barn if anyone remembers) So, since my father is sensible one can say they undermined the Zhiguli auto mechanic)) according to the tuning system (such and such a gearbox such and such a box such and such a piston flywheel is easier = fast-fast !! "Zhmurki", and I don’t know .. at gunpoint or under fear of a grenade, the car was taken from him with the docks immediately after the trip. ndal, due to the loss of a single car, and this is in the "Dchny season", but the bitterness of parting was softened by the amount) It was decided to immediately look for a replacement and the eye fell on the MAZDA 323. Not picky about fuel, not quite a bad expense for such a volume. And Heel has a crease on the floor. Following the ignition adjustment, the replacement of brake discs and shock absorbers, valve stem seals, repair of the cylinder head, candles, filters, and all oils followed. He loves the original very much, China immediately aside. But on the way I decided to stop by Mytishchi. Therefore, it will have to change. Box two! Of course, everything is already breathing well, but as a fact, he has already served his $ 2000 !! He simply became a member of the family) has never ridden a tow truck, does not know what a warm garage is! And never! please notice! I never said "everything is the owner, I’m tired, I won’t go any further, let’s change everything in a row .." Yes, it happened that the electricity went out, the light bulbs and wiring go crazy from damp salt BUT! You will go out, stagger, knock on the fuse box, ask humanly and voila, we are on the move again! On the technical side, there were no complaints at all, crosses, grenade fasteners, the gearbox never failed !! Sometimes it reminds me of an old German diesel submarine, with the last of my strength, but I will complete the task! Yes, it happened that the brakes disappeared, and more than once, it happened even during emergency braking! But the box is so perfect that from 120-140 you can tuck in the second one and save the day !! The car is very well thought out and designed! Even cross-country ability at a high level, double spacers on the racks and a height of 14 cm from the gearbox gives confidence both in winter and in spring, only rubber would be on the fences.

BMW 728 reviews

"The legend of the yak is not old". As they say: "BMW is a diagnosis!". I won’t even talk about the appearance, there will be no such charismatically formidable cars, they stand out very much in the stream from the crowd. My interest was attracted by the Volga. Let’s go to Test-Drive. A funny story is connected with the purchase of this car. And never thought about a foreign car. The M30 2.8i engine was about 137k.v /185hp LE-Jetronik is fully injection, absolutely any gasoline eats !! and oddly enough, 92 loves the most)) Options average: velor interior, candey, all electric, sunroof, tumanki, hitch, toning. In general, I wandered around Moscow on private ads, but I didn’t find anything worthwhile, and it was decided to go to the car market in Lyubertsy. Cast iron suspension "not killed" completely independent, in front of McPerson behind two levers. Before and from the moment of obtaining a driver’s license, I drove domestic cars. The machine certainly cardinally changed. This car remains a good bmw which can be called a bmw. A more comfortable car will bring unforgettable satisfaction. 10.10.2013 Super car. she is 16 prola 300.000 running ideal, everything needs to be changed on the engine in time. more My mood began to rise. The price was very suitable for me. Now there is a great desire to put the engine more powerful. With a book on repair and operation did not leave. But he took himself in hand decided to still go home. He loves the original very much, China immediately aside. In his entire difficult life, Grisha has wound up One million three hundred and eighty thousand KM, built two dachas, dangling with a 1500kg trailer, Shatura and Aprelevka. These things made me panicky. For long term. more Then he put on more fun music, 17 "wheels, put things in order in the cabin. And about. more 07.10.2020 Very reliable car. I really want to find a 3.5 Turbo engine, but this is very rare. I was ready to bring this car back. Comfort is beyond words. more And if you change it, then exclusively for BMW and only for the seven. Having put the ignition on by eye and after testing its dynamic characteristics, I was shocked by the power of this motor. So he came from Germany, and why the average? there was simply no differential lock, curtains, leather, and the motor was the weakest and Jetronik and not Motronik (((Do you know what is the most offensive of all ?? the fact that our Automotive industry has not even gotten close to Grisha to this day, what are we talking about! already about the E34 E32 E36, etc. And the moment came when once again decided to change the car. And he survived two German engines of 600 thousand km each, right now he wears three ty. Very reliable car. 04/26/2020 This car is still a good BMW, which may have the right to be called BMW. Appearance is also good. The only thing that horrified me as a former owner of small cars was the displacement of the engine. But he stumbled upon her. Mom didn’t like it. For long trips – the best option, soft, dynamic and comfortable. 25.08.2005 There is a funny story connected with the purchase of this car. And we still have that Driver, in general, the driving style is ACTIVE, and if there is a choice, then you have to choose) We decided to refuse, but then the seller said that he still has a BMW named GRISHA, but he is not on the move, the model 728i car is 8 years old pinpoint view. In general, the first year of operation brought it to the state of a decent car. Krashen was once completely DuPoint. We took a ride .. Auto is super. she is 16 prola 300.000 running ideal, everything needs to be changed on the engine in time. And I decided to take 31029. Still, 2.8 too small for me already.Summarizing the two years of operation, I want to say that I really like the car and do not want to change it at all.It is large and comfortable and at the same time fast and powerful.The only thing that upsets me is rust.And neither the bottom nor thresholds do not rust, but hinged pieces of iron rust: wings and doors, which are responsible for the appearance.If not for this circumstance, then I would not have changed it for
another car. Well, then – more. There was no rust and rot, which pleasantly surprised me, because. machine 82 years of release. Good afternoon gentlemen! I want to share with you my admiration for one real car. But there is no getting away from this with our winters. The budget was helped by the fact that he did everything himself. The doors have never sagged. Not picky about fuel, not quite a bad expense for such a volume. I was horrified to imagine in what quantities she consumes gasoline if she has only one tank of 100 liters? But sorting out my fears about fuel consumption, I still decided to buy, having previously swept it around the market. That’s how I went for the Volga, I returned to the BMW! But that was just the beginning of my adventures. Found that the distributor is twisted to the extreme late position. The comfort is beyond words. As soon as I left the gates of the market and dialed 80 km / h, I was terribly upset by the vibrations on the steering wheel and when braking. They took it without looking, so to speak, lay down on my heart) But since A / M was completely new for the consciousness of a Russian person, I had to figure it out for two weeks and the victory was won, some kind of sensor in the engine was junk. Before and from the moment of obtaining a driver’s license, I drove domestic cars. And what does it have to do with such a clearance, it’s still calm on the highway, in terms of dynamics and controllability, RosAvtoProm is not EQUAL, often joking)) you go 120 and Taz or Gas wants to bypass you)) if no one goes in the forehead, tuck the 4th and into the floor after 160 only turn on the 5th and they are already blown away)) and this is at 2.8iC Lacetti, Lanos, Hyndai, etc. the same garbage)) Who cares about the consumption on the highway? about 9, and in a mixed 12l in the floor 16-18. At first, I really wanted 3102, but because in fair condition, they cost quite a lot of money, I refused this option.