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We offer a variety of automotive services which are available 24 hours a day. Lock Patrol is fast and dependable with over 20 years of service near you. Our car locksmith services are located in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Redmond. Lock Patrol is unique in that our services don’t just involve keys but we are also able to help with car maintenance. We are your all around emergency car help. We aim to get you back on your journey in the fastest way possible.  Just Google, “locksmith near me“, then give us a call!

Customers who are AAA members will be happy to know that we are AAA approved for any and all car services such as auto key replacement, trunk lockouts, and ignition lock repair.

Did the battery in your car just die? We can jump start your car no matter the time of day. No need to worry if you don’t own a set of jumper cables. We provide all tools needed in our auto locksmith services. Because it is such a quick fix you should be on your way in minutes.

Along with battery troubles, we can help with flat tires. We are your emergency roadside assistance and will aid you in getting back on the road regardless of the automotive lockout situation.

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Realizing you locked yourself out of your car can be a very stressful experience. We have a variety of techniques and tools that assist us in car lock outs. A traditional car lockout will most likely take around 5 minutes. If after the situation is assessed and looks to be more difficult we will notify you of the time it will take to open your car before we begin any work. We will insure that your car will not be damaged. We provide quality care as we work to unlock your car. Our auto locksmiths are trained to ensure a smooth process.

There are a variety of methods we use to unlock a car door. Using a wedge is a common practice used. Wedges vary in type. We often use an air wedge which is balloon like. When deflated it can be slid in between the doorway. Once the air wedge is inflated it can open the door enough for a tool to then assist in opening the door. Other wedges used are tools that can resemble a door stop. Using a Slim Jim tool is another common method our car locksmiths use. This tool is placed between the glass part of the window and the weather stripping. The door remains sealed shut while it is being unlocked. All of our methods used take great skill. Lock Patrol guarantees your car will not be damaged in the process.

A common problem our car or auto locksmiths encounter are keys locked in a trunk. Our auto locksmith service near you will open the car door to then use the trunk release button inside of the car. Some cars however, do not have a manual release button or it may have a deadlock feature. This can make things more complicated but our expert auto locksmith will still be able to unlock the trunk.

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Another service we offer is car key replacement. Car keys are such an important part of any driver’s daily life. When your car key is not working or lost, this can become an expensive hassle. Instead of potentially ruining your lock or ignition, call your local car locksmith. We can make all types of keys and transponders on site! This can feel like magic during a stressful situation and we are happy to do this for you. We will have better pricing than a dealership and our expert auto locksmiths ensure the key or transponder is made correctly the first time.

Anti-theft systems are great in preventing your car from being stolen, but at times can be troublesome. There are many reasons why it can fail you, including a dead car battery, dead battery in your remote, or the car door lock is damaged. Our auto locksmiths can assist in repairing the system whatever the case may be.

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Wondering why your car won’t start? There is a chance that your ignition switch is not working. When an ignition switch is not working, the power in the car is being directed improperly and will need to be repaired and or replaced. Our auto locksmith will tell you which makes more sense to choose for your car. We do ignition repairs on all types of cars including, Honda, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Dodge, and more! Instead of having your car towed to a mechanic, save money and call Lock Patrol to come to you. We can replace or repair your switch upon arrival. The time it will take to repair the switch depends on the type of car you own and if we have the part available. No matter, we can assist you in this situation as soon as possible!

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Lock Patrol is your King County and South Snohomish County lock smith. We answer right away with 24 hour service. Call today to speak to a friendly and highly trained expert!

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